Bananas, bowls and belligerence

We have riveting conversations in this house. Like, who gets to eat the last banana? I said it should be me because I was going to the gym and needed a banana smoothie beforehand and Shaun thought it should be him because he eats the exact same food items every single day, except for his evening meal, where he usually gets something different every single day, as I do most of the cooking.

But then I remembered my new animal bowls and so I thought ‘aha, I can have cereal and use one of my new bowls, hooray’ and so I relented and let Shaun have the last banana.

So, this morning, after I’d had my tea, I merrily skipped off to the kitchen to choose which animal bowl I was going to use.

Aarrgghh, dilemma! Because there’s been a huge demand for pig and cat bowls, Shaun couldn’t get me a full set, and so I didn’t have the corresponding pig bowl to go with the pig mug I had already used for my tea


but as I have all my animal mugs lined up in a row on the kitchen windowsill, I looked to see what tomorrow’s mug will be (they get used in the order they are on the windowsill, with no deviation allowed; accidental deviation occurred a few weeks ago and we couldn’t come to an agreement on how to reset the system; I wanted to start again from the beginning,  Shaun said I should, the following week, skip the one I had used twice. [A photo has been taken  now of the order they’re in and no more deviation can take place]) and tomorrow’s mug is the dog mug

and hurrah, one of the two new bowls was the dog bowl (it has just occurred to me that tomorrow I will be eating out of a dog bowl, hmm)

and so although today was quite stressful what with having to eat my cereal out of a horse bowl

when I’d drunk my tea out of a pig mug, at least equilibrium will be restored tomorrow.


Luckily there were no more dilemmas to tax my brain on the way to the gym (although my jaw dropped a bit as I overtook a woman yelling at her daughter that she was a ‘thickhead’) and I got there early and went on the rowing machine and a fake-tanned peroxide-headed girl came in wearing sunglasses. Not normal glasses that react and might have gone dark in the bright light but proper big oversized chavvy ones. Still wearing her oversized sunglasses, she plonked her oversized handbag on the floor, laid down on the exercise mat, did about three sit-ups, got up, picked up her bag and wandered off.

I did my spin class with a surprising amount of energy (must be true what they say then about needing fuel to exercise), then got on the treadmill to do Thru the Gears and managed to go faster and faster right ‘til the very end (ok, the very end is only about 13 minutes away from the beginning but I usually slack off and walk for a bit before speeding up again).

After I’d finished on the treadmill, I went back into the changing rooms where there were two young boys about five years old sitting on the bench. I was cycling back in my gym gear so it wasn’t much of a problem, although I wasn’t completely happy about there being young boys in there. But if I had wanted to get changed, I’d have had to go into a cubicle as I wouldn’t have wanted to strip in front of them. When I got home, I asked on Twitter if people thought it was ok to have boys in the changing room and 99% said yes (unsurprisingly, they were all female parents) and although the majority were against me, the more I thought about it, the more I thought no, they shouldn’t have been there. My gym has brilliant facilities and there is a crèche for them to use and as children don’t go in the gym, if they’d been in the swimming pool, then they should have used the swimming pool changing rooms which are communal and no nudity is allowed outside the cubicles. So, if these parents think it’s ok for young boys to be in a room where there are women changing, it must be ok for their young daughters to also be in a room where there are men changing? I’m pretty sure most blokes wouldn’t want to strip off in front of a five year old girl.


Stats (cycling)
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Speed: 10mph

Rowing machine
20 minutes

Time: 45 minutes

Distance: 1.22 miles
Time: 14:31


  • Interesting post. What an amazingly complicated breakfast quandary you had! I now understand why the assault course wasn’t such a good idea! 🙂

    Regarding boys in changing rooms, mostly they are allowed in the female changing rooms up to the age of seven. Other than the fact that children are inherently annoying, the only issue with them being in the changing rooms is that our society has sexualised childhood and our naked bodies. Most (I’d rather say all but I’m being fair!) boys in the changing rooms will have seen their mothers naked and therefore your nakedness is nothing new. The same for girls in the men’s changing rooms. Nakedness isn’t wrong or dirty or bad, it’s just what we all look like with no clothes on.

    We have to stop thinking that all adults are predators. My son’s dad wasn’t allowed to take our (then 4 year old) son into the kids changing room to try on some clothes because they said they only allowed mothers into the room. Sexist much?

    In my experience, young boys get embarrassed at showing their own nakedness quite a while before they realise that there are naked women around them, so I wouldn’t worry 🙂

  • Thighwillbegone (nice name BTW) covers it all I think. Doesn’t stop me from chipping in obviously. I don’t think it’s much to worry about at 5. I’ve seen dads in the changing rooms with their young daughters and felt a little uncomfortable at first. Having thought about it, I’m sure the kids see their parents nude and the parent has made judgement call if it’s ok for the child.

    If us as individuals aren’t happy to be naked in front of other gym users, then that’s a different story.

    I like the bowls and mugs, but I thought I was a bit annal about order of things etc. You take it to a new level 😉

  • Boys in changing rooms have always weirded me out too. However, now that I’m a mum of a wee boy myself, I wonder how I’ll feel… He’s only three months tho, so I guess I have a while to decide

  • When I go into the women’s changing rooms with my 5 year old boy and our scorecards we generally are not well received.

  • Congrats on holding #juneathon together for everyone!
    Regarding small children in the changing rooms:
    I think there’s a little overreaction regarding little boys in the showers. (Though I too before I had a child hid myself whilst getting changed at a swimming pool beacuse there were kids there) I agreed with thighwillbegone response Society has made a natural thing seem tainted.
    Being the Father of a 3 year old theres no sexualisation in a child’s mind just curisoity! (My daughter wonders why Daddy hasn’t got a fluby)

    Parents have a hard enough time time getting kids changed without having the pressure of where to change them.. But believe me we feel everyones
    awkwardness. (I get it when I take my daughter swimming or at the park if you smile at another child are you going to be branded as a Pedo..)The worlds gone overly sensitive! who used to run around naked on the beach as a child? I did (when I was really young I mean…)

    Sorry to YAP on! But have loved & loathed Juneathon but so glad I took part!
    Many thanks

  • You need to get a life.

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