Cram Alert Sport ID Giveaway

The review

I run with no ID on me. None at all. All I have on me (apart from my clothes of course) is my iPod, my Garmin and my house keys. I suppose the emergency services could find out my identification by plugging my Garmin into a computer and seeing on Google Earth where I started my run and knocking on the doors of the houses in the vicinity to see if any of them had lost a female runner, or taking the Tesco Clubcard key-fob to Tesco to ask them who it belongs to, but that still doesn’t give them access to the phone number of someone to phone in an emergency.

Cram Alert Sport ID is a wristband carrying contact information and finder instructions (they also do travel tags, key fobs and mobile property ID) that you register on the website, so if you do have an accident while out running, cycling, walking, etc. as soon as you are found your next of kin will be informed and the emergency services made aware of any necessary medical information that would assist in caring for you.


I decided to register my wristband this morning before going out for a run. I would have registered my travel tag, key fob and mobile property ID too, but didn’t realise at first that they all have different ID numbers on them (it explains why on the FAQ page) and so couldn’t be bothered to do all of them then, but you can go back and add other devices later.

It took me a long time to find out where to register on the website. Eventually, I found a link under the ‘Cram Alert In Action’ menu, which told me to go to the log-in page. I would have liked a nice big ‘register here’ sign on the home page.

Registering your devices is straightforward. You enter the ID number and then add your family members who you’d like to be contacted in an emergency. They give a helpful list of definitions of ‘family’.

1) Husband, wife and children.

2) All blood relations.

3) All who live in the same household including servants and relatives, with some person or persons directing this economic and social unit.

4) Civil partnerships.

5) Common law relationships.

6) Stepchildren and foster children.

So, that means that Shaun is lower than a servant. Excellent.

The rest of the registration process is simple (well, it is if, like me, you have no allergies or special medical needs the emergency services need to be aware of and all you need to do is give them the phone number of your servant boyfriend).

While I don’t really need anything else on my wrists while I’m out running, it’s a good-looking band and is comfortably rubbery. It was a bit of a struggle getting it on the first time, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. The wristband is adjustable and once you know how long you need it to be, you can cut the overlap off with a pair of scissors (if this really is beyond you, you can see step-by-step photographs, or even watch a youtube video of how to do this on their FAQ page).

Without being run over by a tractor, I can’t say whether the Cram Alert works or not and my dedication in the name of research doesn’t really stretch that far. Plus, if I did get run over by a tractor, the emergency services wouldn’t be much help; a man with a big shovel to scrape me off the road would be of more use.

The Cram Alert wristband costs £9.97 and if you buy any other items, they will be discounted by 40%. The first year’s family registration is free, thereafter a £15 per annum administration fee applies.

Unless you have a long list of medical requirements and/or want to register a number of family members, I can’t really see that this has many benefits over a cheaper ID band with no yearly registration fee.

The giveaway

I’ve got 5 Cram Alert packs (worth £15.95 each) to give away. Each pack contains 2 devices:  1 x Cram Alert wristband and 1 x either a travel tag, key fob or mobile property ID. Also included is a year’s free registration.

cramalert 004


I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to try out the Cram Alert wristband and runningokintheuk asked if it had superpowers. I said not unless the number goes through to Superman’s hotline and he comes to rescue me, which gave me the inspiration for today’s giveaway.

For a chance to win one of 5 packs of Cram Alert ID, leave a comment here letting me know which superhero you’d like to come and rescue you (it doesn’t have to be a superhero: if you want The Hoff to come and rescue you in Kit, that’s fine with me. Or maybe Daisy Duke is more your thing. Maybe I should stop showing my age).

Terms and conditions
Closing date midnight Friday 12 August
5 winners will be chosen by an internet random number picker
UK entries only
Superhero not included


  • Can I have Zorro come and rescue me please, for no other reason than he is supah kewl? Ta.
    Nice in depth review to by the way. 🙂

  • Nice idea but I guess we could just laminate a bit of paper with the info on, assuming run shorts or top have a pocket…. Unless you stick in down your bra like me!
    I’d like to be rescued by Woolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) please! Yum yum.

  • I’d like to be rescued by Captain America, even if I don’t actually need rescuing… He is seriously fit… Though I guess really it’s Chris Evans in reality I’d like to rescue me (not the ginger one off of 90’s telly though who reminded us to take our toothbrush places!)… I’m gonna stop now ‘cos i think I mIght be revealing my age… Plus I’m babbling!!!

  • I would like to be rescued by Captain Caveman if only so I could say “Zowie Cavey”! Failing that I would like to be rescued by the Dukes of Hazzard if only so I could pretend I looked like Daisy Duke and try to jump into a car through the windows (sadly I fear this would end badly on so many levels!).

    Good, measured review by the way.


  • It would have to be super gran!

    As everybody’s gran is super.. but not all grans wear tartan!

  • Given my canal running, I’m going with Flipper.

    Although I suppose David Tennant era Dr Who is out of the question?

  • I would like to be rescued by Superted so that I can hit him and Spotty in the face. I hated them both but my little brother liked the programme so I had to watch it. Load of rubbish 😉

  • Well I live in Canada so I’m out. I think the Sport alert ID is a great idea though. I will have to check and see if we have something similar. I got hit by a car a couple of years ago, so you never know when you might need rescuing.

  • Wow Daisy Duke, providing it’s not the real-life aged version, can rescue me! :-).

  • I use a shoe ID just with name and numbers of people to call.

  • I’d like to be rescued by any of the spandex wearing superheroes- spidey, superman etc
    I’m thinking of giving compression wear a go and i’d like some advice

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel please, assuming time travel is no problem. Though I suppose he might not carry a mobile phone. So on second thoughts, may I just go for a Juneathoner as they’d (a) have a phone, (b) know to look for an I’d bracelet and (c) be able to offer support and training tips as we waited for the paramedics.

  • That is, of course, ID bracelet. Ain’t autocorrect great?

  • I want to be rescued by Pingu. Alas, he is not a superhero so it will have to be Batman played by Christian Bale because I only like heroes with a dark side. I’d want to punch the goody goody ones.

  • I’d like Helen from “The Apprentice” to come and save me from all this paperwork!!

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  • It’s gotta be She-Ra – the ‘Princess of Pow-er’ coming to my rescue. :o)
    All the best. KG

  • Does your servant feed you grapes wearing nothing but a thong, because that would be just the best image 🙂

    I would have to be rescued by my all time super hero, Rowan Atkinson, he would ride up on a huge black stallion wearing his amazing codpiece dressed as Edmund Blackadder. Throw me over his shoulder and gallop off with me clinging to him like a leech

  • Fat Girl Running

    It’s got to be James Bond (Pierce Brosnan-esque). It wouldn’t matter what had happened to me, I’m pretty sure he could make me feel better no matter what 😉 Ok so he’s not technically a super hero, but I wouldn’t turn that gorgeous little half-smile away…
    If I were to name a proper superhero it’d have to be the young girl from Kick-Ass… I mean seriously, would anyone really want to mess with this…
    I swear, that’s exactly how I imagine myself to look like, if I ever get the opportunity to gain super powers 😀

  • I’d like to be rescued by Ellie Harrison in heels and a bodysuit. But before she got pregnant. So some sort of time machine would need to be arranged too. Ooooo Ellie in the DeLorean. With a big pack of pickled onion monster munch.

  • Umm this is a hard one but I’m going for James Thompson the World Touring Cars driver. He’s fit, He’s funny and boy can he drive!

  • Erm, I don’t know, I think as my total knowledge superhereo’s is quite small, I think I’d like to be rescued by Yoda.

    He’s a super hero right?
    I just need one of these packs to stop the canal murders when I’m out on my long runs, well not stop them, I’m not certain that the ID bracelets have magic invulnerability powers, but at least the police will be able to inform my family when they find me.

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  • I can’t enter because I am in the USA, but totally Wonder Woman!
    And I do think Yoda is a fine answer.

  • Not a super hero but she’s Wonder Woman to me – got to be Kate Bush who encapsulates my youth to a tee and of course, she is ‘Running up that Hill’!

  • I think I’d have to choose Michael Palin’s “Bicycle Repair Man”, as the chances are as I commute every day that I’d need rescuing because of a bicycle problem beyong my repair skills, so who better to come to my rescue!

  • I want Mr. Incredible to rescue me. It’s not that I particularly fancy Mr. Incredible but I do fancy being Elastagirl. I think that these ID tags are a great idea and I’m very conscious that, like you, I often go out with no ID at all.

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