International Fame and Fortune

Seattle_TimesWell, not quite, but I was looking at my web stats last night and, after being slightly freaked by the search query ‘when did cathy white die’ (not a good thing to see just after watching Bride of Chucky), saw that a few people had visited my blog via The Seattle Times.

I clicked on the link and lo! there was a lovely write-up about my blog. It said, amongst other things:

She writes irreverently, sometimes spending entire posts on wildly tangential rants that, even if they don’t necessarily go anywhere, provide a fair amount of laughs. By imbuing her posts with her specific sense of humor, White’s blog never comes across as either too self-serious or too private.

which made me smile and forget all about dodgy search engine queries.

You can read the whole article on The Seattle Times website.

Oh, and by the way, if the person who searched for ‘when did cathy white die’ is reading this: er, I haven’t yet, der-brain.

Dodgy search queries: 1
Mentions in Pulitzer Prize-winning publications: 1
Der-brains: 1


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  • Steve | Running to lose weight

    well I’m a newbie to you site Cathy, but they got it right you’re one funny lady.
    Enjoying the blog 🙂

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