The Colour of Autumn

Although it doesn’t take much for me to reach for the central heating controls, I don’t usually reach for the long running tights, long sleeve tops and gloves until it’s proper cold. Like minus-something cold. But, if it had been minus-something cold today and I wanted to wear some gloves, I would have worn these eGlove Running Gloves.

These gloves aren’t just gloves, they’re gadgety gloves. And they’re not just gadgety gloves, they’re gadgety gloves for a gadget.

They’ve got stuff (yes, that’s a technical term) on the fingers so you can use your iPod or iPhone or iPad or iTouch (or any touch screen device) while you’re out on a run or out cycling without taking your gloves off (although, why you’d take an iPad out with you on a run, I don’t know).

I’ve tried them indoors on my touch-screen Shuffle and they work brilliantly.

Like I said, I didn’t wear my eGloves today but I did go out for a run. I don’t know if I don’t go past many trees on the way into town, or maybe they’re the wrong type of trees, but my running route today was mostly on a carpet of gold and amber and I’d forgotten that the only bearable thing about the end of summer is the colour of autumn.

Distance: 1.67 miles
Time: 17:39
Pace: 10:33
Calories: 176
Pairs of super-cool gadgety gloves for a gadget: 1
Bearable things about the end of summer: 1


  • gadgety gadget gloves! brilliant! why is the back of the middle finger silver? is it reflective? THAT would be good, because then some CHAV who you flipped off for nearly hitting you with thier overloaded pram would actually SEE it in the dark….

  • ooooh I like the look of those!

  • Running Ross @ Run The Line

    is it time for the gloves to come out already?? I swear that I have only just stopped wearing them from last winter lol. Soon it will be time for the tights and the skins to come out of their bottom chest draw as well…

  • Ooh, gadgety gloves, love them. I bought some Gore ones this morning, they’re definitely not as flash as yours.

  • Gadgety gadget gloves!! I love it 🙂 great idea, so annoying when u can’t use ur gadget coz of gloves…will have to get me some!

  • Hello! I too am not yet in the long tights, I always do the long arms though as my forearms turn into steel in the cold (well, it feels like they’re steel anyway, though perhaps just frozen solid.) Tell me, where do I get hold of these wonderful gadgety gloves ? They look great. They’d make a good Christmas pressie for my BB too. All the best, Kg. :o)

  • These will be good for those frosty mornings. haha i like reflective middle finger function! Genius.

  • These gloves looks beautiful,I like not only the color,but also the design.It’s great for a cold day.

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