I’m in a glossy magazine!

I was on Twitter many months ago and someone (can’t remember who) mentioned that each month Women’s Running Magazine feature a reader who had written in with a ‘Your Story’ article.

I thought I’d have a go and I sent off my article in April about how I went from smelly smoker to (ahem) superfit athlete, and a few weeks ago the editor emailed me to say they’d be running it in their December issue.

Whoop whoop!

It was out last Thursday, 27 October, so go and get your copy now (or just sneak a peek at page 22, poke the person next to you, point to my photo and say ‘I know her’).

And while I’m plugging myself, I’d like to give a plug to Which Protein, as a) it has a very personal touch for a protein supplement website; and b) then the bloke who owns it might do Janathon.

JogBlogs in glossy magazines: 1
Plugs for protein websites: 1


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