Not quite marathon training yet

Alcohol-free Friday: yep

Good night’s sleep: yep-ish

Up early: yep-ish

Nagged by Cassie on Twitter to go for a run: hell yeah!

The above are the basic requirements for me to go for a run. Having a marathon to train for is also a pretty basic requirement for getting me to go for a run. And although my marathon training schedule doesn’t officially start until 19 December (or ‘flapjack day’ as I’m calling it, due to Cassie refusing to send me any of her gorgeous flapjacks until I officially start training), my training schedule starts off with a 3 mile run, a 5 mile run and a long run of 8 miles and seeing as I haven’t run for over two weeks and even then that was only a pitiful 1.67 miles and the only running I did before that was a half marathon two weeks earlier which I strolled round in a ridiculously slow time.

That’s a bit of a ramble, but what I’m trying to say is that I’ve got a lot of catching up to do to be marathon-training fit.

I did want to wear my new Adidas Solution running shoes

adidas 008

but because it was raining heavily and I want to keep them for the gym and I don’t want to wear muddy trainers to the gym, I wore my usual Asics, which was a good idea because when I got to the trail that finishes at a ditch, the ditch was full of water and I had to do a mini-Grim to get to the other side (when I say a mini-Grim, I mean I had to splash through a small puddle).

After completing my mini-Grim, I ran the last mile down the track where I usually see a couple of dog-walkers and runners. Today’s dog-walker was a miserable old boot of a woman who gave me a dirty look, or at least, she looked like a miserable old boot of a woman, she may well have plenty to be miserable about for all I know, or maybe she was just miserable because she had a stupid small dog with her and not a proper size dog like an Irish Wolfhound or a Dalmation.

Next to pass me was the man I see quite often out running who never smiles or says hello. He’s usually wearing normal running gear but today he was wearing long camouflage combat trousers and a thick sweatshirt and I wondered if maybe he was training for some hardcore race or something or maybe he’s just a wuss and then I saw a girl running towards me wearing shoes and a skirt and carrying a handbag and then she got nearer and I saw that she wasn’t wearing shoes, she was wearing running shoes and then I saw that she wasn’t wearing a skirt, she was wearing shorts and then I saw that she wasn’t carrying a handbag, she was carrying two Tesco carrier bags and then I saw that it wasn’t a she after all, but a man with long hair and he must be fitting in a run with doing his shopping and I thought that maybe I should wear my glasses when I’m out running.

Distance: 3.01 miles
Time: 33:47
Pace: 11:15 m/m
Calories: 316
Basic requirements for me to go for a run: 4
Basic requirements achieved today: 4
Flapjack days: not yet, meh
Pairs of new running shoes: 1
Pairs of new running shoes worn today: 0
Mini-Grims: 1
Miserable old boots with stupid size dogs: 1
Runners wearing camouflage combats and sweatshirts: 1
Girls turning into boys: 1
Pairs of glasses worn while out running: 0
Philip Glass


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