plankI’ve seen people tweeting #plankaday (sorry Shaun. Shaun HATES seeing hashtags) for a while now and kept wanting to join in, but kept putting it off. Which is stupid really, because planking doesn’t take very long. Especially for me. I am the first to collapse in a heap or cheat and go onto my knees when we do the plank in body pump. I did try to get out of it yesterday by claiming that I had just had a shower and had clean clothes on but Rachel said that was no excuse. So I did my first #plankaday yesterday and kept it going for a whopping 19.6 seconds. Today I managed 31.5. Whoop. If you don’t know what planking is or want to find out more about #plankaday, you can find out here.

But I haven’t just plankathoned for Janathon as that would be really feeble. I also cycled 7ish miles by taking the very long way round to the farm shop (which is only a mile away).

Plank: 31.5 seconds
Cycling: 7.82 miles


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