I’m going to be in a book!

I know this should be on my other blog and it will be at some point but I’m so excited I could burst and I want to tell everyone NOW!

I actually wanted to tell everyone yesterday when I got the email saying I’d been chosen as one of the authors to have their story featured in an ebook but I was sworn to secrecy until it had been formally announced.

Caroline Smailes (author of In Search of Adam and Like Bees to Honey) organised a challenge to celebrate the launch of XBox Live TV and its integration with YouTube.

Authors were invited to submit a 100 word story inspired by a song on YouTube. The stories chosen will be published as an ebook on Amazon, with all money collected going to the charity One in Four; a registered charity which provides support and resources to people who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence.

And my story Dirty Boy (inspired by the song of the same title by Cardiacs) was picked! I’m going to be in a book and it’s going to be professionally edited and have a professional cover and everything! Yay for me! I’m so excited! (You can tell this by the number of exclamation marks.) You can see the whole list of authors here.

Oh, and I went to the gym and did stuff for Janathon.

Ebooks I’m going to have a story in: 1
Exclamation marks signifying my excitement: 5
Stuff done down the gym for Janathon: cycling, rowing machine, cross-trainer, body pump class


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