A walk in the dark

I got bullied on Twitter by Local Adventures, Running Goth, font {size: red;} and It Ain’t Fast and it Ain’t Pretty to go for a run. Local Adventures even promised that if I did a mile, he’d do a marathon tomorrow. I gave them my best offer of .75 of a mile but then that plan got scuppered when Shaun said I had to go to the supermarket first and so that would mean changing out of my dressing gown into normal clothes and then changing into running gear later which in my mind is a definite no. My order of clothes is dressing gown/running clothes/normal clothes and there is no deviation allowed.

So when I got back from the supermarket (after buying falafel, hummous, halloumi, feta and spinach parcels, stuffed olives, stuffed vine leaves, dips, nachos, breaded garlic mushrooms, pitta bread, artichokes, chilli prawn and squid thing and jalapeno poppers for dinner, it would have been cheaper to go out to a restaurant), I had a Janathon dilemma. What to do? Then I saw someone mention #plankaday on Twitter and thought aah, I can do a plank for Janathon, yay. But Shaun said that wasn’t allowed and I had to go for a run but then I thought, aha! I can walk for a mile, that’ll do.

So that’s what I did.

Distance: 1.01 miles
Time: 16:18
Pace: 16:10 m/m
Calories: 77
Fellow Janathoners bullying me on Twitter: 4
Supermarkets visited: 1
Deviations from proper clothes-wearing order: 0
Walks in the dark: 1


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