Time to get creative

Janathon today was going to be a bike ride to the station and then from the station to The Quarterhouse in Folkestone (where I was going to see One Day [great book, great film [except for the parts where Anne Hathaway’s non-regional English accent slipped into some kind of spoof Lancastrian or something one]]) and back but then Shaun rang and asked if I wanted a lift so I said yes please and so I didn’t cycle anywhere (and felt very weird on the train without my bike – my purple metal mate usually always accompanies me to Folkestone) so today’s Janathon was a 15 minute walk from Folkestone Central to The Quarterhouse and a 15 minute walk from The Quarterhouse to Folkestone Central (also including a stair exercise from the ground floor of The Quarterhouse to the bar on the first floor.

Distance: A bit under 2 miles walking and some stairs
Time: 30 minutes
Calories: probably not as many as in the large glass of wine I had in the bar

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