(Not the) Grim Night Terror

I had planned to go for a run this morning but then as I stayed up ‘til 3:30am that plan was scuppered as I got up late and had to go to the supermarket and work on stories and stuff and so this afternoon I went for a mile walk and asked Shaun if he wanted to accompany me. His initial response was to tell me to fuck off but then he changed his mind and came with me. We got to the half mile point and I said shall we carry on and go further? and he said yes and so we walked down the muddy trail in the dark and he mentioned about Grant and Tom doing the Grim Night Terror and I said that they had been trying to get Adele to do it too and that she was tempted and that I wouldn’t want to do it as I’d fall over and break my leg and then we were back on the pavement and walking down the hill in the dark as there’s no streetlights and the cars were blinding me with their headlights and we got back after exactly 25 minutes.

Stats (walking)
Distance: 1.57 miles
Time: 25 minutes
Pace: 15:53
Fuck offs: 1
Night Terrors: 0
Streetlights: 0
Cars blinding me with their headlights: lots


  • I’m not doing Grim, I don’t think I’ve got those miles in me at the moment and in the dark and up hills and through muddy water, urgh!

    I could have done with the obligatory Grim NT head-torch in the park earlier – we were in the playground and it suddenly went dark and we were surrounded by ‘youths’ on rollerskates, eek!

  • you would have to be mental to attempt grim, hang on though…….

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