I made an o

Last night on Twitter, Tim at It Ain’t Fast and It Ain’t Pretty asked for volunteers to GPS draw the letters in Janathon. I asked if I could do the ‘o’ (because that sounded easiest) and he said yes.  This morning, I sobered up and changed my mind as I couldn’t think of where I could run an ‘o’ and I wasn’t going to run round a roundabout. Then I thought aha! I can do it on my bike and I asked Tim if I could do it on my bike and he said he couldn’t think why not, so I went off on my bike to the little quiet roundabout down the road and went round and round and round and round and round and maybe another round then came home and looked at the pretty ‘o’ I had drawn.


And now I am stupidly pleased with myself. It doesn’t take much.

Stats (cycling)
Distance: 1.66 miles there and back
Distance: .13 miles round the roundabout 5 or 6 times
Time cycling round the roundabout: 55 seconds
Os made: 1


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