A is for anally retentive

Anal retention, or attention to detail? Hmm, let’s look at this in more detail and decide.

As I said the other day, It Ain’t Fast and it Ain’t Pretty asked on Twitter for volunteers to draw the letters of JANATHON with their GPS watches. I drew the O and Shaun said he’d do the A.

Being the perfectionist he is, he got me to type an A (originally in Times New Roman, then I decided a without wiggly bits sans serif font would be easier. We also thought a lower case ‘a’ would be easier but Shaun decided to make it difficult for himself) on Word then blow it up big so he could work out how best to do it, then he got all technical with a calculator and measurements and stuff and plotted it all out on a piece of paper

janathon 043

and off we went to a field to do the deed. The field was full of sheep

janathon 020

but they didn’t seem to mind a small bloke whipping out a tape measure

janathon 022

and planting socks on the ground

janathon 027

ably assisted by his able assistant

janathon 024

but then the sheep did seem to be a bit confused

janathon 028

and ran away

janathon 030

while Shaun carried on plotting

janathon 034

and plotting

janathon 036

and then I spotted this sign which made me cry with errant apostrophe anger (although it didn’t make me as angry as I got when Shaun for some unknown reason said ‘my bad’ about something – I told him there were not enough special or extenuating circumstances in the world for me to let him off saying ‘my bad’)

janathon 039

and then Shaun ran his A and I thought after all the effort he had put in to plotting it, the least I could do was video it.


I can’t believe I uploaded all those photos and a video but didn’t actually post the picture of the legendary A. I am a der-brain. Here it is.


Good innit?

Shaun has blogged his A run here.

Janathon As: 1


  • Does it actually count for Janathon if done in decorating jeans, fleece and walking boots, that’s the question. Or a question at least. Another would be does the 2.4 miles I ran in total in said “athletic apparel” count for more than 2.4 miles owing to clothing handicap?

  • And why did the photo of my hand have to be the thumb I mangled when I was 16 and thus the one that wouldn’t quite pass muster for modelling duties? Bah.

  • Oh, how I love this! I went to Shaun’s site to see the result. This is total geek at its best. What fun! I think it’s the best combination of fitness & cleverness I’ve seen all month 🙂 (tho I’ve become quite fond of RunThomasRun’s special brand of humor, I must say) Love the photo of the logistics sketch, too!

  • I want you to know I was appropriately paranoid & attentive to my use of the apostrophe in my comment above 😉

  • Brilliant, you need to add the Black Beauty Soundtrack to the video! Now to check the results on Sean’s blog.

  • That is brilliant – you actually made me laugh so much I’m crying. I got some very strange looks doing my T on the football pitch – that is priceless. Don’t worry about the clothing – I did mine in walking boots and a bright pink walking coat!

  • That has to be the best post of janathon, I am actually crying laughing watching the video, can only imagine what anyone passing must have thought.

  • No wonder the sheep ran away…

    I do love the hovering pose though. Very poised.

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