The most boring spin class in the world

How the hell can someone make a spin class boring? I don’t like the ones where the instructor tries to encourage everyone to wave their arms in the air, but I can see that that would be fun for some people, just not me. But today… blimey, that was about as much fun as being stuck in a lift with John Bishop.

I’d booked myself into a spin class today and tomorrow as I’m on my Easter Holidays and therefore have a lot of spare time (if I ignore the fact I’ve got four 2,000 word essays to write). I was looking forward to these classes as it’s with my favourite instructor (i.e. the one who doesn’t try to make me wave my arms in the air and say ‘woo’) but when I got there there was a different instructor, a woman I’d been in a class with but not by. But that was fine, from what I’ve seen of her in the past, she’s warm and friendly but not too lively and energetic (Duracell Gym Bunny instructors aren’t for me) and so I thought, yes, this will be a good class.

It wasn’t. It was bobbins. Either she had the music on too loud or her microphone wasn’t turned up enough but I couldn’t hear anything she said (although she didn’t seem to be saying much anyway, and I like my instructors to talk a lot). The music was rubbish (except for Toxic by Britney Spears. Shut up, it’s a fab pop tune) and we seemed to be doing the same thing in each track. Where was the variation and motivation?

I kept looking at my watch, willing it to be over. Eventually it was and I went home and cancelled tomorrow’s spin class (which the instructor said she was taking instead of the usual instructor). I’m going to go for a run instead, it’ll be more fun.

As I said yesterday, I did try out the Scosche Wireless Pulse Monitor in my spin class. Before doing the class, I went on the rowing machine and upped my heart rate from 120-ish to 130-ish while I was on it and I kept an eye on it during spin where my heart rate maxed at 172 (I don’t know how many calories it said for spin because I kept the monitor on to see what my heart rate did on the cycle home and it gave me a total of 1133 calories for rowing, spin and cycling), but I can hardly say I was making a massive effort during that class. Kind of like the instructor, really.


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  • glorious. i took a spin class once, as it was offered free during the gym’s anniversary celebration. it was fun, except for the part when we had to use only one leg at a time. i just couldn’t get the hang of it, and hearly broke my ankle after it got whacked by the naked pedal whipping around.
    good times. enjoy your run, and i hope you see some sheep.

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