Juneathon starts tomorrow!

Yes, Juneathon is here again. Hurrah. BUT WHERE IS EVERYBODY? There are about 80 fewer people than there have been for the last couple of years – are you all slacking? Have you forgotten what month it is tomorrow?

Fear not, there’s still time to sign up.

Off you go then, I’m going to give you a direct link to the entry form and everything so you can bypass that scruffy bunch on the home page.


You do know there’s a picnic at the end for everyone? AND we go to the pub after?

I’ll think of some more incentives later.

Juneathon participants so far: 159
Slackers: about 80
Picnics as incentives: 1
Pubs as incentives: 1
Incentives I’ll think of later: FLIPPING THOUSANDS OF THEM


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