Pebbles and headless pigeons

I got dragged out to the beach today. Never mind that I had a hangover and it was freezing and raining out, or that I wasn’t even dressed and had gone back to bed, apparently I had no choice in the matter and so to the beach we went.

beach 001

There was a plaque dedicated to a man who got a gold medal for WALKING 50km in the Olympics. A gold medal for walking? Flipping heck. I can walk, I don’t expect to be given a gold medal for it though. Lazy sod.

beach 004

Despite it being freezing and raining, because I was at the beach, I had to have an ice cream. A White Magnum to be precise.

beach 006

And just like me having my obligatory ice cream at the beach despite the weather, there was the obligatory family sitting on a rug having a picnic, determined to have fun no matter how minging the weather is.

beach 007

I did pick up some pretty pebbles though.

beach 014

And saw a headless pigeon.

beach 013

Beaches: 1
Lazy sods getting gold medals for walking at the Olympics: 1
White Magnums: 1
Families determined to have fun on the beach: 1
Pretty pebbles: 5
Headless pigeons: 1


  • Oh dear, that pigeon made me feel sick. We have a big collection of pebbles, we can’t go near a beach – or river – without filling something with the ‘special’ ones.

  • You won’t be claiming TravellingHopefully’s “dignified pigeon” with that one then….

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