Zombie Proms and Polka Dots

I went to my spin class today and when I got there there was only one other person on a bike but loads of other bikes had been reserved by people putting their towels on it as if they were flipping German or something and eventually people got on their ‘reserved’ bikes and the instructor turned up and I thought EEK, WHERE’S THE USUAL INSTRUCTOR? I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS ONE BEFORE AND SHE MIGHT MAKE ME WAVE MY ARMS IN THE AIR AND STUFF but she did have an absolutely gorgeous figure and I thought if waving my arms in the air gets me a body like that well… bring it on, although obviously what I was really thinking was, fuck, hope she doesn’t make me wave my arms in the air.

But she didn’t make anyone wave their arms in the air. In fact, it was a fucking fab workout – great music (although not something I’d listen to by choice but great for spinning to) and the instructor was absolutely relentless and she kept us going and going and going and I was absolutely knackered by the end of it. Which is how it should be.

Then I cycled home and picked up my new polka dot dress from Tesco (stop laughing, Tesco do some nice stuff) and I even bought a pair of sandals to go with my nice new dress (I usually wear biker boots or Converse with everything and although I don’t mind looking a bit odd, I don’t like to look completely stupid and didn’t think boots or Converse would go with polka dots) and although my new sandals are only 2-inch high wedges, I’m doing my usual tranny shuffle through the house while trying to get used to them.


And tonight I’m going to wear my new dress and my new shoes to the Zombie Prom, which a uni friend is performing in.

Cycling: 5 miles (with another 6 miles later)
Rowing machine: 20 minutes
Cross-trainer: 10 minutes
Spin: 45 minutes
Bikes reserved by people putting towels on them: lots
New spin instructors: 1
Fab workouts: 1
New polka dot dresses: 1
New pairs of sandals: 1
Tranny shuffles through the house: lots
Zombie Proms: 1


  • Nicola Vincent-Abnett

    Totally cute frock!

  • Zombie Killer Extraordinaire

    My mate drives to the gym for her spinning class, she lives literally about two minutes away…………I probably sneeze for longer than it takes her to get there.

    Why do they call it spinning?

    Do you go round and round and round and round….?

    Does it make you feel sick?

    Have fun at the zombie prom I am off to stuff 9 courses at the Marquis, I will probably spin and be sick….

  • I’ve got some nice stuff from Tescos too. All hail supermarket clothes!

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