An unplanned run

I hadn’t planned to go for a run today. I thought the most I would do would be a few minutes on the rowing machine but late morning, a run suddenly seemed appealing. This was probably a combination of an email from Nice Work telling me about the local races coming up (the Ashford 5k summer series is appealing, although being fit enough to run the July one in a reasonable-for-me time is unlikely), and a little voice in my head reminding me that I’ve got a place in the Great South Run in October and I’ve just paid again to carry my London Marathon ballot place over to next year.

So, I decided I’d do my usual pathetic-but-better-than-nothing 1.5 mile route but when I got to where I turn off, I decided to keep on going and I added an extra mile on to my run. Not only that, but I actually enjoyed the run – can someone remind me of this please next time I can’t be arsed?

Distance: 2.67 miles
Emails telling me about local races: 1
GSRs coming up in October: 1
London Marathons coming up next year: 1
Extra unplanned miles run: 1

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