Dead mice and mouldy plums

After being inspired by Warriorwoman’s Great Trail Challenge (the woman is mad – a half marathon in those conditions? No way), I put on my four-year-old Salomon trail shoes and headed for the fields, until I got to .3 of a mile and realised that my Salmon’s had hardened with age and were now as comfy as a brick.

I didn’t want to turn round and go back and get some other shoes so I carried on walking and walking and walking, sometimes breaking into a bit of a trot, but mostly walking and then I got to a field and saw a dead mouse on the floor but unlike the mouse in the garden that Shaun had tried to get me to come and have a look at, this one had a head and I wondered if it was just sleeping and not really dead and so I gave it a little nudge with my foot and, yep, it was dead and I wondered if next door’s cat had eaten the head off the one in the garden and maybe Shaun will find the head somewhere and try and get me to look at that too by insisting and persisting until I scream WHAT PART OF NO I DON’T WANT TO SEE A HEADLESS MOUSE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? and I carry on through the field and go up the road a bit to the next field which is A MASSIVE HILL and much more massive than any titchy tiny slope that Warriorwoman had to go up (this might be a bit of an exaggeration) and two labradors come bounding towards me but they look friendly and I realise that it’s only the barking dogs that scare me (and by barking I mean going ‘woof’, not ones that are three stops short of Dagenham) and their owner says sorry and I say that’s okay, I love dogs and she says it’s just as well with her two and I decide to go around the woods instead of through them and I see what I think is another dead mouse but then I’m not sure if it is a dead mouse or just a mouldy plum or damson or something and I didn’t want to nudge it with my foot as I didn’t want a bit of mouldy plum or damson on my foot (and yes I know I was prepared to have a bit of dead mouse on my foot but some people wear bits of dead cow on their feet every single day) and then I finish my run/walk and get home and for some reason I’ve got Rule Britannia in my head, but the version from Jubilee which is one of my favourite films.

Warriorwomans inspired by: 1
Pairs of trail shoes as comfy as a brick: 1
Dead mice with heads: 1
Dead mice without heads: 1
Friendly labradors bounding towards me: 1
Dead mice that might have been a mouldy plum: 1
Rule Britannias from Jubilee: 1


  • There was a biiiig dead rat at club the thee evening, and as we were running laps, I got to see it time after time after time after time. I wasn’t tempted to prod it with my foot though.

  • A massive hill you say? Perhaps I should check it out. I need to acclimatise to the heady heights before next years attempt at a PB.

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