Giveaway: New Balance 1080 NBX Running Shoes

Juneathon. Oh yes. Kind of bolloxed that up at the end, really. I totally blame Helen and Cassie for making me get drunk. They did Juneathon though by doing bar press-ups – Cassie did hers in my local

press up 006

and Helen did hers in a pub in Hythe.


Cassie was also especially hardcore and Juneathoned by doing a Dressing Gown Dash in my dressing gown in my garden.

juneathon 009

Anyway, well done everyone who successfully (or not so successfully) completed Juneathon. As you’ve probably worn out your trainers with all that running, here’s a chance to win a new pair.

Sweatband have asked me to give away a pair of New Balance 1080 NBX Running Shoes – you can choose from either women’s



or men’s.


All you have to do to win a pair is write a Juneathon haiku and leave it in the comments box and I’ll choose the winner (or get Shaun to do it).

A haiku is a three line poem, consisting of 17 syllables in a 5-7-5 format.

Here’s an example:

A month of running
Every day for Juneathon
I am knackered now

UK entries only
Competition closes midnight 31 July 2012


Please leave me a comment - I love comments!