The Great Barrow Challenge


I’ve been trying to think of a challenge to do this year. Shaun and I have considered cycling from Cornwall to Kent (getting the train down to Cornwall, then cycling back) or climbing some more mountains with one of our Three Peaks Challenge mates but we didn’t come to any decision yet.

Then I got an email telling me about The Great Barrow Challenge. I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS.

It’s a four day challenge taking place over 19 September to 22 September and you can choose between:

Or a combination of the above (eg run one day, cycle one day)

Then you choose your distance:

Walk – 6,10,15 or the full 26.2 miles per day
Run – 6,10,15 or the full 26.2 miles per day
Cycle – 30, 60 or the full 120 miles per day

The best thing about this is you can adapt it to whatever you fancy, i.e. you can walk on two days, run the next day and cycle the next day. Or you can do a marathon a day for four days, it’s up to you. Personally, I think I’d like to run the 6 mile route one day and cycle the 30 mile route on each of the other two days and maybe walk a marathon on another day, aarrgghh, too many decisions!)

This is so cool, I really want to do this – anyone else up for it?

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  • I did this event last year, and am hoping to ‘give something back’ this year by volunteering to help marshall. It’s such a huge challenge to take on, but such a HUGE achievement as well. I did the four days, walking a marathon each day. The Great Barrow Challenge is an event open to all abilities… just make sure you have plenty of mental staying power! The very pretty villages (most offering at least one ‘pitstop’ in the form of a Pub, if required!), are a delight to walk through and the local people are extremely encouraging. This event is a good way for anybody to raise money for whatever charity they like, with no pressure of a minimum amount…. or just do it for ‘fun’??!! See you in September!….. 🙂 (Sue Fuller)

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