Nike Vapor Windrunner Women’s Running Jacket

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be wearing pastel. Nike said they were sending me their Nike Element Shield Max Jacket which comes in silver, so it was a bit of a surprise to open the package and find a mint green jacket (which was the Nike Vapor Windrunner Women’s Running Jacket that they’d sent by mistake). I’m really not a pastel person. But no one was looking, so I put it on and oh, actually, it looked great. It fits perfectly and is light and comfortable. It kept me warm and dry before the Great South Run, it keeps me warm and dry when I walk to the gym, it keeps me warm and dry when I cycle to and back from the station and the hood even stayed up on my pea-head when I cycled back one evening through the rain. Oh yes, I’m a fan of this jacket.

It’s definitely mint green though


nike-vapor-windrunner-backand not yellow like it looks on their website (the website says it’s yellow, so either they do have a yellow one or they get yellow and green mixed up).



What you can’t see from the photos on the Nike website is the hand warmers in the sleeves.


The only thing missing is an inside pocket. I do like an inside pocket. It does have two zipped side pockets though, one of them includes another pocket for your MP3 player and a little hole to thread your headphones through.

If you need a running jacket, I’d definitely put this on your list for Santa.

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