Marathon training is looming

My calendar tells me that marathon training starts on Monday. It also tells me that it’s a rest day, so at least I’m being eased in gently. I am going to try and stick to the schedule although:

a) it thinks I’m going to run 8 miles next Saturday when I haven’t run further than 1.5 miles since the Great South Run at the end of October;

b) it’s unlikely that I’ll run the London Marathon, as I don’t fancy a big run that’s full of walkers, charity runners, people in fancy dress, cheering crowds and bands along the route; and

c) it’s unlikely that I’ll complete the training anyway, as – I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before – there isn’t anywhere decent round here to run.

I will be doing Janathon though in my usual haphazard way. If you’re also doing Janathon, can you help spread the word? Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it, whatever it – lets get a record number of participants this year, eh? Ta!

[Just remembered that next Saturday is my birthday and I need to go out at lunchtime, so eight miles is unlikely. Not a good start!]


  • Oh no – it would be such a shame if you didn’t do it. I hear what you are saying about the crowds etc, but that’s only the 1st couple of miles, once you get through that its fine. Are you thinking about doing a smaller one instead?

    • I like the start of races where there’s a lot of people milling about, but I don’t like running surrounded by people, so yes, I’m going to do a smaller one instead!

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