Marathon training day 1

Okay, how many of you thought I was going to slack off my first day’s marathon training, huh? I’ll be honest, I almost did. If I hadn’t burnt my mouth on a pizza on Saturday, I wouldn’t still be in pain now and I wouldn’t have had to go to Tesco to get some stuff to put on the red raw roof of my mouth and, as Tesco is opposite the gym, it’d have been silly (not to mention incredibly slack) not to go in.

And yes, I know the gym isn’t the same as going for a run but I did my scheduled three miles on the cross-trainer, and going on the the cross-trainer is as near to running as you can get without actually running, isn’t it?

As for the marathon, the more I think about it, the more I know I definitely don’t want to do London. So, after I came back from the gym, I had a look for other marathons around the same time as London and came across the Bewl Water Marathon which is a small, scenic race about twenty five miles down the road from here. I emailed iliketocount at work and said I’m going to do this marathon instead and he emailed back and said looks good, we’ll go and check out the route over the Christmas break.

It’s a tiny race (only 60-odd runners this year) and it’s likely I’ll be last, but that’s fine with me. My main concern was whether I could wear my iPod or not but according to the FAQs, I can.



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