The long way round to Tesco

Everyone shamed me today. All day I’ve been seeing everyone’s updates on the Facebook page or on Twitter about how they’ve Janathoned. I was still in my dressing gown until about 4pm when I eventually got out on the bike.

Because it was dark, this limited my choices of where to cycle (stupid countryside with its stupid roads with no pavements) so Shaun said we’d cycle to Tesco, but go the long way round.

Tesco is only a quarter of a mile away, but with our detour, it was a 2 mile trip. Well, it’s better than my dressing gown dash, isn’t it?

Stats (cycling)
Distance: 2 miles
Time: 15:33
Dressing gowns on until 4pm: 1
Long ways round to Tesco: 1
Janathons completed 1/1


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