A sore bum and a Janathon run

I had a sore bum this morning. That lower body weights session I did yesterday must have worked. But Janathon doesn’t take sore bums as an excuse for slacking, so I had to go and do my run today. I pulled out a short sleeve t-shirt, then asked iliketocount if it was cold outside and he said no, but he’d be wearing long sleeves, short sleeves, tights, shorts, a hat and gloves because he wanted to burn his cold out. I see… that’s how to cure a cold, is it? It won’t surprise you to learn (and you’ll be pleased to hear), he’s not in the medical industry.

My run was uneventful. I saw some dog walkers and that was about it really. And now that I’ve Janathoned and showered and hair washed and lunched and blogged and dicked about on Facebook and Twitter, I have to write 1000 words on the difference between radio and stage. Travelling Hopefully helpfully said on Twitter: “One you can see stuff, the other is just in your ears. Job done.” This, from a girl with a first class degree. Almost as bad as iliketocount’s medical advice.

One thing I keep forgetting to say on here is that, in the spirit of Janathon, I’ve set myself some mini-challenges. They are very mini and you’ll probably wonder why I’m even calling them challenges, but I am set in my ways and so they are challenges to me.

1. I always run in the morning after I get up. I can’t stand the thought of putting on normal clothes, then changing into running gear, then changing back again. I can’t be bothered changing clothes all the time, hence the comment ‘you’re early’ from iliketocount on New Year’s Eve when I got up and put on the dress I was going to wear that evening. So, this Janathon, I’m going to do a run in the afternoon and a run in the evening. I reserve the right to either a) stay in my dressing gown until the afternoon/evening; or b) run in my normal clothes.

2. Cycle four miles down to the woods for a run.

3. Do a trail run (not really a challenge but not something I do often in the winter).

Anyone else got any mini-challenges?


  • my mini challenge is to complete a 10 min full run I’m up to 2 minutes

  • Mini challenges – yep!! I don’t think I’ve ran more than 3 consecutive days before so more slower runs to make up for the loss of rest days. I’m also going to make the effort to run in some new places and find some new routes although it’ll have to be my usual routes when its a work day I think.

    Great blog….

  • I’m the same with the morning run thing. Today was the first day I ran in the afternoon with accompanying changing/re-changing of clothes, re-showering… it did feel weird, though I coped 🙂

    I’ll have to think of some mini-challenges!

  • Aside from not kicking myself for agreeing to Janathon I also have a mini goal of actually making it to a Park Run finally.

    • Good call! I want to make it to my nearest one (which isn’t near – it’s 45 minutes car/2 hours train away). Going to add that to the list. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I should try making it to my local Parkrun as my mini-challenge as well. I don’t have the excuse that it’s far away, either – it’s probably a nice 10 minute walk.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  • Mini-challenges. I like the sound of that.
    I plan to run at least once this #janathon properly barefoot.
    (Maybe I should do that towards the end of the month in case it hurts so much that I can’t run the next day.)

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