Janathon Day 9: Gate press-ups and flashing

Michelle has been doing farmer’s gate press-ups. Yesterday she posted photographic evidence and this inspired me to do some farmer’s gate press-ups too. I’m not sure if my gate belonged to a farmer but it was in a field, so it counts. Because I thought Michelle had been doing 20 press-ups, I decided to out-press-up her and did 30. I’ve just checked her blog though and she did 30 yesterday. BAH! Oh well, it’ll be 40 for me next time. Anyone else want to join in the farmer’s gate press-up challenge? If you haven’t got any farmer’s gates nearby, any gate will do.  Bonus points for photographic evidence.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the flash fiction (short, short stories) collection that was published yesterday that contains one of my stories, ‘Fog’.


The Flashing Type is a collection of 50 pieces of flash fiction by new authors and, at the mo, it’s only 77p for Kindle on Amazon UK or 99c for Kindle on Amazon US.

Run: 2.69 miles
Farmer’s gate press-ups: 30
Flash fiction collections published yesterday that has one of my stories in it: 1


  • hoping to see some photographic evidence from you too, take Shawn with you

  • nice Janathon action, Farmers gate press ups? I did one of them once, I was climbing over it when it fell on top of me. The gate not the farmer Lol. Well done for the story, will look that up tomorrow.

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