Janathon Day 16: New Balance Minimus Zero

Yesterday I said that I was going to go for a trail run in my new New Balance Minimus Zero (there’s a couple of photos of them on yesterday’s blog. They’re pretty, go and look at them). I also said that I’d changed my mind because the snow and the rain would have made the field a bit yuk.

I still didn’t go to a field today (which is probably just as well as, according to the website that I’ve just looked at, they’re for pavement running, although the man who sent them to me said they were trail shoes), but I did go for a run in them. Only a short run though, as – as the name implies – they’re minimal shoes and New Balance advise that you build up wearing them. That’s my excuse for only doing a short run, anyway.

These shoes, as well as looking good, are comfy. Despite the bobbly Vibram soles (if you didn’t bother looking at the photos like I just told you to, go and look now as there’s also a photo of the blue and black bobbly sole), these didn’t feel ‘barefoot’ but they did encourage me to strike mid-sole and I felt like I was gliding along at high speed, even if my stats say otherwise.

Pairs of new running shoes: 1
Run: .72 of a mile


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