Janathon Day 19: Still tired

You know yesterday I said I was too hungover to do anything because I’d been out the night before? Well, I thought a drink would make me feel better so I drank a shitload of wine, which did make me feel better until today. Today I am hungover again and apparently ‘getting out of bed’ doesn’t qualify for Janathon so I did another five press ups against the wall.


  • I’m new to the blog world. I just started my own running blog so I’m looking around to see what others are doing. I love this one! I, too, am an ex-smoker. 20 years of Marlboros and American Spirits (because they’re “healthier”), however, I ran while smoking (well, not simultaneously). Anyway, I like the way you write and your sense of humor. A breath of fresh air from all the others who are just a little too perky with Olympic PRs for my liking.

    • Thanks Aimee! My dad used to smoke Marlboro, I used to steal them off him when I was ‘desperate’. I’ll go and check out your blog.

  • Ahh, we all have those days! I had one on Friday… I’m impressed you managed press ups, I don’t think I could have even done that!

    (Funny that you have two Aimee’s commenting on this post – that’s unusual)!

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