The JogBlog Guide to Spending More Time In The Gym

Current Janathon record holder – Kevin Foreman, who ran a staggering 455 miles in Janathon 2012 (and blogged every day unlike some of the slackers currently at the top of the leaderboard) – tweeted me a couple of days ago and said:


to which I replied, ‘no it bloody well doesn’t’. Or words to that effect. Anyway, while we’re all ‘enjoying’ the snow here in the UK, spare a thought for poor Kev who is sweltering away in the searing Australian heat.



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Anyway, back to the subject of today’s post. How to spend more time in the gym than you’d planned.

I don’t know if I slept through my alarm or ignored it, but either way, I got up later than I’d wanted to, which meant that I wouldn’t be getting to the gym when I wanted to which meant that I’d be getting back later than I wanted to so I pondered whether to just not go to the gym at all but then I thought, aha! I don’t have to spend an hour in the gym, I can just spend half an hour in the gym and be back at the time I wanted to be back and when I thought that, I FELT LIBERATED. And not only did I feel liberated, I realised I’d worked out a genius idea of how to spend more time in the gym than I had planned because although ideally I would have spent an hour in the gym, half an hour is more than no gym at all.

Or something like that.


  • Love this theory of gym attendance! I too was limited to 1/2 hr. yesterday & it was less than stellar, but certainly better than nothing. I’m all for the mantra: “When it doubt, lower the bar.” 🙂

  • Either I understand or I’m confused. I don’t know. What I discovered 4yrs ago was that having kids was a great way to never get to the gym at all 🙁 (btw, my 4yr old really can frame a pi quite well!)

  • clever…my good-angel voice always outsmarts that kind of sneaky reasoning (see my post today)

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