Halo Non Bio Sports Wash


Yeah, smelly kit, we all love smelly kit don’t we? No? Not even the kit that stays smelly no matter how many times you wash it? Oh.

Well then, here’s something to cheer you up – a washing detergent specially formulated for sportswear.

According to the bottle, it:

  • Removes sweat and odours
  • Works as low as 30C
  • Is tough on stains; and is
  • Antifungal and antibacterial

It’s not just for sportswear, you can use it as a normal detergent as I did today and although there’s not a lot I can say about a laundry detergent, it left my clothes and kit clean and smelling fresh (which, let’s face it, is all you want from a laundry detergent).

You don’t need me to remind you that Juneathon starts in a month, so you might want to get yourself some of this.

Halo Non Bio Sports Wash costs £33.60 for 6 x 1ltr. For single purchases, visit www.wiggle.co.uk.


  • you HAD to mention Juneathon(g), didn’t you? gaaaaaah.
    i recently purchased a bottle of similar detergent because my ‘kit’ smells of crisps (chips) and a bit of coffee (coffee).
    ok, not really, but i DID purchase a bottle. I shall blog about it next week, then, in response to this one. TransAtlantic detergent reviews.
    THAT’s what I call ‘winning’.

  • I got my Halo from ‘Big Sainsburys’, so it can be bought with your regular shop if you’re lucky. Juneathon…arhgghghg!

  • Unleashing chemical warfare on the ungodly smells that permeate the cupboard housing my 3-day old running kit can only be a good thing. Sold.

  • How long will my kit last using this stuff? Last time I tried any “removes all smells” type cleaner my shirt and shorts were falling apart within a few weeks. Seems the main component was a bleach that pretty quickly ate through the fabric.

  • I can think of a few people to recommend this to! Why is it that there are always a small percentage of runners who seem to think that is OK to keep wearing their kit without laundering in between runs?

    Thanks also to Adele – I’ll have a look when I next get to Sainsbury’s

  • Haha I know someone who can relate to this. Why some people think it’s perfectly acceptable to use the same shorts over and over again without giving it a good wash for weeks I don’t know!

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