Stupid Juneathon.

Stupid stupid Juneathon.

That’s what I thought when I realised that I was going to have to do some exercise today, as Mondays are usually spent wishing I hadn’t had a bottle of wine the night before.

But, Juneathon can’t be ignored so I decided to go for a walk and take a photo of some cows.


There was a baby cow in this field last week but I couldn’t see it today, so it must have been hiding or something (this is what I tell myself about all farm animals when I try and convince myself that they’re pets).

I was going to walk a mile but the sun was shining, so I extended it and walked a mile and a half.

Stupid Juneathon.

Oh, by the way. WordPress isn’t letting me comment on any blogs, including my own, but I am reading the blogs and enjoying them – keep up the good work!


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