Powered by Puma

Yesterday the delivery man brought me some new shoes.


They’re Puma Faas 500 v2 and the other pair of Puma I’ve got are bright pink, so I was pleased with these ones not being pink and making me look like I’m training for a Race for Life, but I’m now worried, what with the turquoise bit, people will mistake me for David Icke. Or maybe a Native American. But, most likely, people will just think ‘ooh, nice shoes’.

These shoes are comfy. One thing I like most about them is the wide toebox; a lot of shoes are too narrow for me and give me blisters even on the shortest of runs. I was impressed with these and as my current shoes are just about ready to be recycled, I reckon these will be taking their place.

Another thing that powered me through my run today was the Audiofuel Juneathon 2010 mix. It’s a fantastic 25 minute mix that Sean at Audiofuel made for the 2010 Juneathon participants and you can download it for free here.


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