The one where I discover how unfit I really am

My gym is only .25 miles away. I’ve run it a couple of times and it usually takes me about two minutes and thirty seconds. Today though, it took three minutes. That’s 30 seconds slower. That is appalling. I know I’m not a speedy runner, never have been, but surely I can run .25 of a mile in under three minutes?

I had planned to go on the treadmill but as today obviously wasn’t going to be a good running day, changed my mind and, after I’d been on the rowing machine and the cross-trainer, went on the mind-numbingly boring stationary bike, which was made un-mind-numbingly boring by pedalling along to Audiofuel’s Martin Yelling Interval Session. Yep, Audiofuel is so good it makes stationary cycling fun (even if it is designed for running).

Well, that’s the first week of Juneathon over – well done everyone for your achievements so far – how are you all getting on?

Running: .5 miles / 6.08 minutes
Rowing machine: 20 minutes
Cross-trainer: 20 minutes
Stationary bike: 20 minutes
Juneathons completed: 7/7 (sort of, with a bit of creativity on the first day) 


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