Win two weeks’ breakfast from FUEL!


Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers which explores the theory that perfection is achieved after 10,000 hours of practice, the developers of new breakfast brand, FUEL, believe it can help to provide morning sustenance to any athlete or artist, business person or musician in their pursuit of excellence.

Consisting of a breakfast milkshake, crunchy granola and on the go porridge pots, FUEL is perfect for those go-getters who are too busy to sit down to breakfast. The concept is simple, fast and convenient sustenance with the exact balance of carbs and protein to support you on your day.

FUEL is giving one lucky winner the chance to win two weeks’ worth of breakfast goodies (2 boxes of granola, 6 bottles of Liquid Fuel drink and 4 porridge pots).

How to enter

Leave a comment below letting me know what you’d like to excel at, e.g. athlete, musician, penguin tamer, double glazing salesman, high class prostitute, bus driver, poet, pretending to be Russell Brand, etc.

Terms and conditions

One winner will be picked at random after the closing date of midnight, Friday 26 July 2013. 

UK entries only.


  • I’d like to excel at handling a hammer and saw, because carpenters are not the only ones who need tools. Everyone should have a basic understanding of basic hand tools. I’m going to look into that… 🙂

  • Those products look good! I was going to say that I’d like to excel at being a runner but then you mentioned some other suggestions and I realised that my true passion is to excel at being a penguin tamer 🙂

  • Although I’d love to excel at running/being an athlete or finding work I really enjoy doing I’d REALLY love to excel at baking bread. It’s been on my list of things to achieve before my birthday for about 3 years now and given I’m unlikely to be baking my own bread for breakfast anytime soon these products would be awesome 🙂

  • I would like to excel at not being a twit (even though twittery can be amusing on occasion). Oh! And running. 🙂

  • Sadly, the list of things I’d ‘like to’ excel at is enormous. What I’ve always struggled with is finding the one thing that I’m absolutely bloody determined I *will* excel at. For the likes of Andy Murray and Chris Froome, they seem to make their minds up very early on (though I gather Mo Farah toyed with the idea of professional football in his childhood). Consequently they get their 10,000 hours of quality training done in time to hit their physical peak. At 44, it will take me until I’m sixty to accumulate 10,000 hours of training at two hours a day. Maybe I should decide to be and excellent ‘age grouper’ in time for my retirement!

    Does this count as an entry? 😉


  • I would like to excel at being an X-L egg seller.
    I become very frustrated at mediocre, average-sized egg sales people who are unable to think out of the box. Muppets!
    Please don’t let me become one of those people.

  • I’d like to excel at weightloss, I’m not doing very well at the moment – maybe winning a fortnight’s worth of breakfast will keep me full enough during the morning that I won’t resort to snacking before I get to lunchtime 😉

  • I’d like to excel at being a student doctor when I enter the most difficult and hectic year of my life so far when it comes to my training. I can’t do that without breakfast!

  • I want to excel at training to be a runner. I know that I can be a runner but first I have to be a self trainer and the self trainer in me is soo not doing her job!

  • I like being a runner, but I’d like to excel at being a genius!

  • I would most like to excel at being able to think of witty answers for competition entries!!! By the time ive thought of anything funny the comp will be long closed :-s

  • I’d like to excel at winning competitions but I’m not sure I can do much about that. I once won a Carpenters LP as a teenager, the one with ‘Calling Occupants’ and ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’ on it, I think it had a brown cover. I wish I could say it was a Golden Earing or Led Zeppelin album, that would be so much cooler, sigh!

    I already excel at eating breakfast, it’s probably my favourite meal, so I’m a prime candidate for winning (I’m also beginning to sound pretty boring, I hope my kids don’t read this).

    If I’m honest, at this moment of my life I really want to excel at being a good Dad. It’s probably the most important thing I do and yet I’ve had the least training for it. You get little, no or completely distorted feedback (I have teenage sons). Any feedback you get (good or bad) tends to arrive too late, too explosively or when you’re flailing about at a new stage making the feedback redundant. This new stage you try to fiddle and fudge your way through hampered by a mix of your own insecurities, your kids insecurities, conflicting advice and half remembered parenting skills from your own, sadly outdated, upbringing. Yep, I’d definitely want to excel at being a Dad.

    Please note that I have cunningly used up lots of comment space so if Cathy does a finger stab at the screen as her method for randomly choosing the winner I have significantly improved my odds. Yes!

  • Erm…

    I want to excel at being a vegan, I just mostly need to practice not being lazy and eating my husbands food, which isn’t vegan.

    Also I need to excel at maths if I’m going to post on blogs. Just had to get the calculator out to prove I’m human!

  • I want to excel at remaining calm.
    With teenage twins and a care home full of lovely elderly residents, I think it would be a real bonus to be able to reduce my current stress level to just ‘tearing my hair out’ rather than the ‘On the verge of committing hari-kiri’ stage that I currently find myself!

  • Kimberly Waller

    I would like to excel at worrying less about the things in life that don’t really matter such as dust, rude people, and whether my bum looks big in this. This would enable me to spend more time filling in competition forms calmly and correctly, becoming the runner I’d like to be after 7 years off for injury, and achieving a firm but large bum instead 🙂 I think that Fuel for breakfast would help make these things happen in a more pleasant and healthy manner 🙂

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