London Duathlon super sprint training plan

I love training schedules. I love seeing what I need to do each day and then feeling smug as I tick it off and even smugger when I tick off lots of days in a row. Then I feel like a slacker when, after a few weeks, I look at my schedule and there are lots of ticks missing.

Today I realised the London Duathlon isn’t, in fact, months away, but only six weeks away. SIX WEEKS? AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH.

Yeah. Six weeks. Oh dear.

So, I got me a schedule. Here it is.


It’s an eight week schedule so I’ve crossed off the first two weeks and have told myself that I’ll diligently follow it for the next six weeks. That Monday tick was from today (Tuesday) and I’ll do Tuesday’s bike and strength training tomorrow (Wednesday), then the rest of the week will be as set, except all the Sunday things will be on Fridays as Sundays are traditionally reserved for hangovers. And in a couple of weeks when there are Friday things and Sundays can’t become Fridays, Friday will become Thursday and Saturday will become Friday and Sunday will become Saturday.

Or something like that.

Wish me luck!


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