As Seen On TV – The Running Mat


If you watched Dragons’ Den last night, you’ll have seen The Running Mat (if you didn’t watch it, you can see it on iPlayer from about 14:30 onwards). The grumpy Scottish one wasn’t impressed; he said, ‘is this a joke?’, ‘you can not be serious’ and ‘are you taking the mick?’ while the tall one was equally unimpressed and called the nice blonde Geordie girl who brought in the Running Mat a ‘numpty’.

Still, that didn’t matter, as the new Dragon who looks like Chrissie in Eastenders (you know, the one that was married to Den and helped murder him) and Deborah liked it  and made her an offer so now she’s got two Dragons on board (although, personally, my favourite Dragon is the tall one and not just because he’s tall. *is totally because he’s tall*).

Because I am soooooo bang on trend, I already have a The Running Mat. Not that I’ve used it as I don’t usually stop to do floor exercises when I’m out for a run. Shaun said it would be handy for people who do BMF but then we thought if people turned up with mats, the BMF army boy twats would shout at them, take their mats away and make them do press ups in a muddy puddle. I’ve never been to BMF, so if it’s not run by army boy twats who make you do press ups in a muddy puddle, my apologies. I bet it is though.

Anyway, here I am demonstrating The Running Mat. As you can see, you can run with it


Do press ups on it (handy for ‘athons, eh?)


And do crunches on it.


I like The Running Mat, don’t listen to that grumpy Scottish man.





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