AbsoRice Protein Shake


No, that doesn’t say Asbo, it says Abso. This isn’t a badly behaved protein drink. In fact, it’s a very well behaved protein drink as it’s plant-based, vegan and hypoallergenic; containing no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy or wheat. It also contains no sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, artificial colour or sweetener. See, told you it was a very well behaved drink.


I don’t often drink protein shakes, as I don’t think I exercise that much, really, but after this morning’s four mile run, which was followed by a fifteen mile bike ride, I tried the vanilla flavour. Although you can mix it with water, I prefer a creamier texture so I had it with 300ml soya milk and although it didn’t blend brilliantly and had a slightly gritty texture, it had a pleasant sweet taste and a creamy consistency.

For further information, visit the AbsoRice website.


  • math???
    clear, consice review, with just enough grit that i felt like i was actually drinking the shake and not just reading about it.
    ya’ll have cool stuff.

  • I hope i can find or import this as i’m unfortunately one of those that can’t have any dairy or gluten. Thanks for the review, will definitely look out for this.

  • Nice review. I’ve become almost obsessive about avoiding sugar based drinks so I might give it a try.

  • What other flavours have you tried? I’ve always gone strawberry – is that tasty?? My Learncliki adviser said I shouldn’t mix it with Soya but I’m like you and thought it taste rank with water haha!

  • I’ve only tried the vanilla flavour. Did your adviser say why it shouldn’t be mixed with soya? I don’t drink cow’s milk.

  • Oh, only because I don’t like it and he said I’d be able to tell! I’ll go for the Vanilla – Thanks!

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