Look what came in the post today

The postie delivered my London Duathlon race pack today.

London Duathlon 2013 race pack

I love the palindromic number, also 22 and 6 are two of my favourite numbers (7 and 13 are other favourites, in case you’re interested), so all is boding well for the race (except the lack of training but favourite numbers are better than training, aren’t they?)

So, I did the Nuts Challenge on Saturday (it was soooooo amazing, I’m almost tempted to use the word ‘awesome’ but I won’t, as it makes me cringe any time I hear anyone over the age of 18 using it) and I’ll blog about it later in the week. But here’s a taster of what went on:


With all these challenges I keep doing (well, two of them), will I be offered a TV show soon? They could call it Challenge JogBlog, although there’s no way I’m wearing a catsuit and jumping out of a helicopter (although, knowing me, if a PR person emailed me and said, ‘Hello Miss JogBlog, would you like us to arrange for you to jump out of a helicopter?’ I’d probably say ‘okay then’).


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