Locklaces – cures untied laces and having your bum stared at

My parents taught me a few things when I was a child. Amongst these things were reading, writing, telling the time, knowing my left and right, and tying my laces. I can – at the age of 43 – still do all of these things; admittedly, some of them better than others (please don’t ask me for directions. All my rights will be left and vice versa).

Thanks to spending the last twenty years wearing either DMs or Converse, I’ve had plenty of practice tying laces. However, when it comes to running shoes, my laces never stay tied. Which is why Locklaces are ace. They’re so ace, they should have the slogan:

Locklaces are so ace

when you’re running a race,

you’ll have a smiley face

with these lace-s


They come in loads of pretty colours, including purple and pink and yellow and orange and blue and green and red and black.

Locklaces asked me if I’d like to try some. As I couldn’t decide which colour to have out of purple or pink or yellow or orange or red, I threw caution to the lace-based wind and let them decide. They decided to send me a black pair and a blue pair. Ho hum.

On the back of the packet are instructions.


Also on the back of the packet it says who the laces are suitable for. I’m not sure which category I fit into.


You lace them through your shoes like normal laces, squeeze the lock and thread each lace through the lock. Cut the ends of the laces off and insert the laces into the clip. The remaining lace will dangle annoyingly.


But you can tuck them under the tied lace bit, and because the laces are elastic, it’s really simple.


With the laces being elastic, they take a bit of trial and error tying them to the right tightness. When I first tested them, I started getting cramp in my calf, which is unusual for me, so I diagnosed myself with ‘too-tight-lacesness’ and loosened them and yay, the cramp was cured – just call me Dr White. (Actually, on second thoughts, don’t, as I’d sound like something you’d find in the feminine hygiene aisle in the supermarket.)

The most definite good thing about the laces being elastic though is, when you get home, you can be really lazy and just slip them off without untying them and get on with telling Facebook and Twitter you’ve just been for a run stretching. Obviously though, the most most definite good thing about them is the laces stay done up. No more bending over to tie up your laces and hoping no one’s staring at your bum. Hooray for Locklaces and their amazing bum-staring prevention properties.

Locklaces are available online from the Locklaces website or from Amazon UK, Chain Reaction Cycles and probably lots of other places in the UK.


  • Love elastic laces. My feet are so big and like everyone they swell as I add the miles.

    I have size 17 feet/shoes with high arches so the stretchy laces are perfect.

    I like the various plastic doo-hickeys that have come out to save lacing, relacing.

    Just tie em up right and tuck tehn under lower lace and be OK

  • Great laces, but I don’t quite like the way they look.

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