A blog post about a shoe rack

I’ve got an assignment due, so I’m going to blog about a shoe rack. Not any old shoe rack though, oh no. This is a custom-made shoe rack, crafted by Shaun’s very own hands.

Personally, I’d have been happy with a flat-pack from Argos or Ikea but Shaun isn’t like normal people – if we need something, say a table or a shed or something usually made out of wood – he’ll build it. Forget there are still a few rooms that need decorating, or that we’ve got mis-matched windows (yes, he’s making the windows too), a shoe rack was obviously an urgent requirement.

Actually, it was an urgent requirement; the running shoes, walking boots, sandals, Converse, Vans, DMs, biker boots, bags, rucksacks, hats, umbrellas, jackets, coats and gloves were piled up almost to the ceiling. So what was the solution? Yeah, build a shoe rack that reaches the ceiling.


Shaun asked me what colour I wanted it. I said orange. So he decided to paint it orange and yellow to match the Mark Rothko print hanging on the opposite wall.



(I’d never heard of Mark Rothko when I bought it years ago – I bought it because I like orange and yellow. Highway Kind said that is the only reason to buy a painting [well, not because it’s orange and yellow but because I liked the colours].)

Then we filled up the new shoe rack with shoes and boots.


Good, innit?


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