3 Tips for Staying Motivated when Keeping Fit

As a general rule, us Brits are not the best at keeping our New Years’ resolutions.

Part of the reason for this is a fundamental lack of motivation, which can occur even on occasions where you are passionate to succeed and have already invested money into the endeavour. Sometimes your struggles are simply a matter of timing, however, as the so-called ‘winter blues’ and cold weather prevents you from achieving your goals. If your resolution this New Year was to get fit and embrace the art of jogging, for example, you may have found the freezing conditions and continuous rainfall too much to bear.

Retaining Motivation When Jogging

With this in mind, how can you overcome this feeling and retain your motivation to get fit? Consider the following: –

Invest More in Quality Accessories and Clothing

If you work for your money, you are no doubt cautious about how you spend it. If this is the case, this sense of fiscal responsibility can be used as additional motivation, as spending more on high quality clothing and keep-fit accessories can force you to get good value for this investment. Consider purchasing comfortable and branded garments from retailers such as the Regatta Outlet, for example, and ensure that you keep all costs in mind when questioning whether or not to run in the cold light of day.

Visualise your Goals

There are many reasons why you may wish to get fit or take up jogging. Whether you are looking to boost your ailing health or develop a more toned and muscular physique, however, the ability to visualise your end goals may well make the difference between success and failure. By imagining your ideal body and the benefits that it will introduce to your life, you can increase your levels of motivation and push beyond both physical and mental barriers to success.

Set Viable Goals and Schedules

While on the subject of your goals, it is important to note that they must be realistic and achievable within a predetermined period of time. The same principle applies to your exercise regime, as you must be able to set a schedule that is flexible and boasts room for manoeuvre. It is hard enough getting fit without constantly feeling as though you are swimming against the tide, so strive to develop a schedule that fits in with your other priorities and those of your friends and family.

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