Audiofuel Polyrunner: Keep Your Feet To The Beat

Polyrunner 160 BPM

I’m not actually sure if  Audiofuel founder Sean says ‘keep your feet to the beat’ in the new Audiofuel Polyrunner tracks but he does, in his comforting familiar way, say, ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4’ in the coaching tracks to help you keep your feet to those beats.

On the website it also says Polyrunner will ‘help you run effortlessly like a gazelle’, so I was eager to try out the new tracks with their magical properties that would make me run effortlessly gazelle-like.

Did I run effortlessly gazelle-like? Did I bollocks. I did, however, run slightly better than I did yesterday when I couldn’t even manage a mile without stopping to walk, no matter how many times I reminded myself that Helen just ran a mile without stopping even though she hasn’t run for about a year and is still recovering from having a baby (apparently you don’t just plop them out, then go straight to the pub – it involves blood transfusions and stitches and stuff. Shudder.)

Like all Audiofuel tracks, the music – thanks to composer extraordinaire Howie – keeps you moving and motivated without being annoying or intrusive. The tracks come with or without coaching so if you get fed up with Sean’s voice you can shut him up. Obviously, you won’t get fed up of his voice but if you get brave enough to count to four by yourself, the option is there.

The Polyrunner Bundle is a bargain. For £8.99 you get 7 downloads, including: Polyrunner 160 BPM, 162 BPM, 164 BPM, 166 BPM, 168 BPM, coach free Polyrunner and Polyrunner 160 BPM with individual tracks so you can vary your pace to suit your fitness level and running goal.

Visit the Audiofuel Polyrunner page for more information and to sample the tracks before you buy. Audiofuel even offer a money back guarantee – so if you buy it and don’t like it, you haven’t wasted your pennies.

You will like it though – I guarantee it (although not in a money back way).

(p.s. For those new to Audiofuel – it doesn’t really consist solely of Sean saying ‘1, 2, 3, 4’, it consists of motivational coaching.)


  • Totally agree – I am not one of those model like runners who can run “without my watch or iPod and enjoy the world and freedom of the open road ……” I need motivation – I need to know that I am doing well, and it’s ok sometimes to take it easier – by altering my stride !!! Poly runner gives me all that and an unobtrusive beat to keep me on track. Have been recovering from an injury and told by the Physio to keep a steady pace and not go mad – this was great .
    Great value for money and my new best friend!

  • To the beat to the beat.

    I think you are hardcore for being up so early and running.

  • Seems like a great product based on your review. I am bored with most of my music anyway, and I frequently stop to walk out of boredom. It would be great to listen to some motivational tracks, or something that can keep a steady pace for me.

  • Yeah, I’m always too lazy to ut together a mix for running, this might come in handy.

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