Joggbox – Subscription Box for Runners

Oh look, what do we have here? Yet another subscription box. But, wait! This isn’t just another subscription box full of nuts and stuff, it’s the first subscription box for runners in the UK. Exciting, innit?

I’ve got to say I didn’t think it was going to be for me – I thought it would be full of gels and those other weird things you see on the shelf in Holland & Barrett when you’re walking through on the way to the chilled cabinet to see if the vegan ‘fish’ steaks are on offer (okay, that might just be me).

It’s not though. It’s full of great stuff. Let’s start with the box though.


The box is quite big – around the size of a running shoe box, so it’s not going to fit in your letter box unless you’ve got a letter box a small dog could fit through (and if you have, I would suggest – for security reasons – you get a smaller letter box).

As an added bonus, the box comes with the advice to run outside the box. I can confirm that, although, as mentioned above, the box is quite big, it’s not big enough to run around in, although I’m sure my cat will spend many happy hours squeezed inside it once it’s empty.


The Joggbox comes with a card telling you all about what’s in the box. If it hadn’t been for this card, I wouldn’t have known that the bottle that was in the box is designed to be hinged over your jogging bottoms. I’ll talk more about the bottle in a bit.


Inside the box, all your products for that month are ‘beautifully’ wrapped in paper. I’ve put ‘beautifully’ in quotes as it would appear whoever was on wrapping duty for this month has wrapping skillz on a par with mine (i.e. a bit shit really).


But, we all know beauty’s on the inside, don’t we? And inside the box is tons of beautiful stuff. Look, there’s a massage ball, some Union Jack patterned tape, a beetroot shot, an SOS blueberry rehydration drink mix, a High5 gel, a Good protein shake, a couple of Miracle Tree tea bags (one original and one strawberry flavour), a Pulsin vanilla choc chip protein bar, a sample of Halo Sports Wash, a High5 electrolyte sports drink and the most exciting thing of all, a bright yellow water bottle that can be hinged over your jogging bottoms.


I don’t very often take a drink out with me when I’m running as I usually drink it all in the first mile then I’m left with an empty bottle to carry around with me and that’s REALLY ANNOYING. So, some clever dude has come up with this bottle that you can wear. Wow. I pondered this and thought well, I wouldn’t want to run with a full bottle hanging off me but I tried the empty bottle on my jeans and ran around the dining room and decided that an empty bottle wouldn’t be annoying at all. I don’t know if everyone who signs up for a Joggbox gets a cool bottle like this but I just wanted to show mine off anyway.

So, that’s the Joggbox – good, innit? I’m sure you all know how a subscription works – sign up and each month Joggbox will send you a box similar to the one above containing a range of new products. Each box will contain products worth more than the £15 a month the subscription costs.

If you don’t want a subscription (and to be perfectly honest, I think, for me personally, it’d be something I bought now and again rather than each month), you can buy it for yourself as a gift as and when. It’d also make a great gift for a running friend (or cycling friend, I would imagine).

I love the Joggbox and not just because it has a name similar to my blog. It’s even motivated me to go for a run tomorrow. Whoop.

Visit the Joggbox website for more information and to subscribe to the box.


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