Juneathon 2014 – Day 1–Things Can Only Get Better

It had been discussed and decided on Facebook that if I ran home from the pub after midnight on Saturday, it’d count as Juneathon (I’m not sure everybody who commented knew just how near I live to the pub). I even did a pre-pub video:

But then I left the pub at 11pm and didn’t want to go out at midnight and then the next day (i.e. the first day of Juneathon) I got up late (please don’t ask me how late) and was safely ensconced on the sofa with the cat when I saw on Twitter Helsbels and Travelling Hopefully had set up a search party to look for me. I told them I’d failed Juneathon. They then, along with Fairweatherrunner and Run For The Quiet, told me I hadn’t failed Juneathon and I could do a dressing gown dash. I said I didn’t want to do a dressing gown dash and anyway, the cat was comfy. Apparently ‘cat is comfy’ wasn’t a valid excuse and I needed a wee anyway, so I shifted the cat and went upstairs to the bathroom. On my return, I said I’d walked up the stairs instead of using the downstairs toilet and would that count and was told no. Bah. So I did a plank. No photographic evidence, I’m afraid.

Yeah, a lame first day, I am suitably embarrassed, I promise.

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