Let’s Talk About Pants, Baby

This morning, I spent far too long trying to remember if I usually get a wedgie when I’m running or at the gym. Then I thought, ha, yes, I distinctly remember standing on a treadmill hoping no one could see me picking my knickers out of my bum. Whether or not this was a common occurrence, I couldn’t remember but, seeing as I haven’t been banned from the gym because of complaints about constant unwedgieing, I reckoned this probably wasn’t on the list of runner’s ailments such as, say, black toenails or that foot injury no one knows how to pronounce.

Still, there was a reason for my wedgie wondering and that was because I’d been sent a pair of pants known as Edgies.  They work on the premise of ‘Don’t get a wedgie with an Edgie’ (which isn’t actually their slogan but it certainly should be and if it appears on their website, remember where you heard it first and let me know so I can send them an invoice).

Edgie no wedgie pants

Look, Ma – no wedgie!

They work by having silicone banding round the edge of the legs. My first thought was I DON’T WANT TO WEAR RUBBER PANTS. I AM NEITHER A) INCONTINENT; NOR B) A GIMP but once on, you don’t feel them at all. In fact, Edgies are beautifully light and comfy.

You too can have a rubber band in your pants

You too can have a rubber band in your pants

We all know you don’t get clothes that are targeted towards *ahem* sportspeople without the word ‘wicking’ or ‘breathable’ appearing somewhere and the blurb for the Edgies was no different. I’d never thought about breathable pants before and not only because the phrase ‘wicker knickers’ sounds itchy but now I’ve tried these and without wanting to go into too much detail, after my run, I was perfectly fresh and dry ‘down there’ and I want to buy some more as I don’t want to go back to running in cotton knickers now. And yes, I know you’re wondering, and the answer is no, I didn’t get a wedgie. Thank you for asking.

Edgies come in a range of styles, which you can have a look at on their website.

Janathon stats

Pants in the post: 1
Wedgies: 0

Oh yeah, I ran 3.1 miles.


  • I think I may have to have a look at those. I usually wear Freya Active briefs but looking at their website recently they don’t seem to do them any more so I need an alternative. Thanks for sharing.

  • You were still exercising in cotton underwear? Goodness me. All the “technical, wicking, breathable” fabrics in the world can’t keep sweaty cotton underwear comfy.

    Cotton may be fluffy and beautifully absorbent when dry, but when it’s done its absorbing, it becomes heavy, compressed and abrasive. Hence wet tea-towels make better kitchen wipes than jay-clothes, but you can’t wring them dry.

    If you’re feeling the benefit in the “pants-zone”, try also eliminating cotton from the “bra-zone” and “sock-zone”. You should find yourself instantly more comfortable, particularly if it’s a hot (sweaty) or rainy day.

    • I’ve obviously been wearing a sports bra since about the second time I ever went out for a run but it’s never occurred to me change my knickers. (Yes, there’s a joke in there somewhere.) (p.s. I don’t wear fluffy knickers.)

  • And why does your blog appear to not let me put “speech marks” in proper pairs? They looked okay in the text box…

  • After years of flatly refusing to try it, I’ve discovered that running in a g-string is actually more comfortable. No more slyly having to excavate the fabric from your but crack and no more double arse cheeks showing in skin tight lycra leggings from where they dig in. I can’t run in proper knickers any more.

    • I’ve only once worn a G-string and that’s because I bought one by accident so thought I might as well try it. It stayed on for approximately half a second before deciding it wasn’t for me!

  • Yep, definitely need a pair of those – I am certainly a wedgie sufferer 🙁

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