Review: Boot Camp Body Wrap

Boot Camp Body Wrap

I didn’t start running to lose weight, I started running because after I stopped smoking I had an immense amount of energy to burn and as I had a little park at the end of the road, I thought a little jog round there now and again would do the trick. Soon after stopping smoking though, food – and in particular Twixes – started to taste really nice and I started eating my dinner instead of smoking it. This in turn led to me think I was putting on weight, so I bought some scales. Please don’t hate me but when I got on the scales I was 8 st 8 (I’m 5′ 6) and decided I was a fat bloater and needed to lose some weight. I got down to 8 st 6 but then the weight kept creeping up – despite me running regularly – until I averaged around the 9 st 2 mark for a couple of years until I moved to Kent, turned into a country bumpkin and put on well over a stone (don’t ask me how I felt when I reached the dreaded double figures).

I have managed to lose about half a stone recently after a) going on a Bodychef diet for a week (which I blogged about here); and b) having the lurgy (there’s nothing like the lurgy for putting you off your grub) but, like most women, I wouldn’t mind losing a few more inches, so when Slimming Solutions asked me if I wanted to try their Boot Camp Body Wrap which claims to get rid of a few inches in just an hour (and not even an hour in the gym, but an hour of dossing about in your dressing gown, whoop), I thought I’d give it a go.

I’d put off trying the Body Wrap for a while because it seemed to involve covering myself with gunk, and covering myself with gunk sounded like a messy, inconvenient faff, plus I didn’t believe it was going to work anyway. But I’d bought a new dress I was planning to wear at the weekend and thought the thinner I look, the better and so I gave it a go. While you can use it on any parts of your body you’d like to shrink, I only wanted to shrink my belly so I decided to use it just on that area.

Boot Camp Body Wrap Clay

After measuring myself with the supplied tape measure, I went to work on gunking myself up. I thought the clay would be thick and gloopy but it’s surprisingly thin and smoothed on my skin easily without me covering the bathroom with it like I thought I would.

Boot Camp Body Wrap bandage

The instructions recommend warming the bandages before use but… you know… extra faff… so I used it cold (I only needed one as I was only doing the stomach area) but it went on easily and clipped up with the two supplied clippy things (I think that’s the technical term) which kept it in place. You can then cover the bandages with the supplied cling film, but this is optional. Yep, you guessed it – I went for the ‘won’t bother with that bit’ bit.

Boot Camp Body Wrap bandage

After you’ve applied the clay, you sit around for an hour and let the clay do its work. After an hour, you can unwrap your bandages and unearth the new you. You don’t even have to wash the clay off – in fact, the instructions say it’s best not to as leaving it will enhance the effect of the wrap.

Here’s where you expect me to say, ‘Whoop, I lost 16 inches off my belly!’ isn’t it? Um, unfortunately, I don’t think I lost a millimetre, let alone an inch. I don’t know whether this is because I didn’t use enough clay, didn’t massage it in enough, didn’t wrap the bandages tightly enough or should have used the clingfilm but, I’ve got to admit, I was a little disappointed even if I didn’t really think it was going to work anyway. But, there’s loads of clay left (and I mean ‘loads’), the bandages can be washed and it was so easy to apply, I’ll give it another go and see if I can do it right this time. I will report back!

The Boot Camp Body Wrap costs (at the time of writing) £39.95 and is available from Slimming Solutions.



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