Infographic: Sleep Like An Athlete

If I ever get a phase of sleepness nights, I know exactly the reason why – it’s because I haven’t been exercising enough (unless it’s a Friday night and then I can’t sleep because I’ve stuffed myself full of battered halloumi, onion rings and chippy chips, all covered in curry sauce from Tesco).

If you want to know how to sleep like an athlete (hint: it doesn’t involve eating battered halloumi, onion rings and chippy chips), then this infographic will be of interest to you.

Infographic supplied by

Infographic supplied by


  • I do like a good infographic!

  • This infographic is AWESOME!!! I love how you looked at different sports and activities since all fitness is so different.

  • I struggled with sleep problems for years, waaaaay to long. I wish I had this info sooner! One bit of advice, only use your bed for sleep. Don’t rest in bed during the day. You want to “train” your mind that bed is for sleep. Sounds crazy, but it worked for me.

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