Here We Go Again (Again) (And Again And Again, Etc.)

C25K app

I’m a lion, hear me roar (‘coz I ran a minute, woo)

Last summer, I decided I wanted to run again. I got myself a C25K app and I had planned to blog my progress, like I did back in 2006 (back when people used to comment on blogs because they wanted to and not because they were in some stupid comment swap thread, and back before 12 year olds in Facebook blogging groups bleated about their DA every five minutes). But, that didn’t happen. The doing the C25K app happened but the blogging didn’t. And, although the C25K app happened, in true JogBlog self-destructive style I fucked it up at the end and only completed 22 out of 24 runs and then didn’t run again until today, six months later.

5k runner app

I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?

As you all know, what will definitely get me out the door are new gadgets or gear and Millet Sports, bless their little hearts, asked me if I wanted to review a pair of Asics. The sensible side of me thought, ‘NO NO NO, DO NOT SAY YES, YOU HAVE A PORCH FULL OF RUNNING SHOES YOU NEVER WEAR AND YOU’RE MOVING HOUSE SOON AND NEED TO GET RID OF STUFF, NOT GET NEW STUFF, DO WHAT THE CAST OF GRANGE HILL WOULD DO AND JUST SAY NO’.

So, I emailed Millet Sports back and said, ‘Yes please’.

In my defence, Asics are my favourite brand of running shoe and I did want to start running again and my old Asics are, well, old (older than new, anyway), so I needed these shoes, yeah?

Asics Gel Noosa FF Women's Running Shoes

Pretty in Blue (that doesn’t really work, does it?)

I had a choice of three pairs of Asics and I chose these pretty Asics Gel-Noosa FF Women’s Running Shoes and, hey, get me, I didn’t even choose the pink version but the blue version and I don’t even like blue but they’ve got this funky green/orange gradient thing going on on the heel which appealed to me. If you’re not as shallow as me and you buy shoes because of their features and not because of any funky green/orange gradient thing, then here’s the techy blurb:

The GEL-Noosa from ASICS is designed for pure speed. Built with the new FlyteFoam midsole, made twice as light with super fibres that spring back in to shape after impact, the shoe launches runners forwards for unbeatable speed and comfort. GEL cushioning in the rear foot absorbs impact with each step, while an Impact Guidance System adjusts the gait to the most efficient pattern. A wet grip rubber outsole ensures traction on slippery surface.

– GEL cushioning
– Impact Guidance System
– 3M reflectivity
– Lightweight
– Neutral pronation
– Flytefoam midsole
– Wet grip outsole
– EVA sockliner
– No-sew upper

These aren’t the usual type of Asics I wear for running – these are lightweight ones made for speed, not distance, and, therefore, they don’t have the cushioning I’m used to. But, I was only going out to run for a few minutes; a few minutes that were going to be interspersed with walking, anyway, and not a twenty-mile marathon training run so I thought they’d be fine.

And they were fine.

When I first put them on, I didn’t find them as comfortable as the (approximately) twenty-three billion pairs of Asics I’ve had over the last eleven years but, then again, I didn’t spend three hours in a running shop trying on every pair of shoes they had until I found the perfect pair – I chose these purely on looks. On my run though, they were perfectly comfortable, although a tad too lightweight for today’s chosen route which was cross-country and at times I started to channel the princess in the Princess and the Pea fairytale and felt every lump and bump beneath my feet.

Still, to test them out further, I’m going to do Week 1 Day 2 of C25K tomorrow (famous last words) to give them an on-road test and will report back then.

Wish me luck!


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