Getting more out of your workout: The science behind boosting endurance


Whether you’re into running, swimming, cycling or aerobics, exercise requires a decent level of endurance to help you to avoid losing steam. Whether you are a natural born athlete or not, it’s important to seek out ways to enhance and improve your performance.

It’s important for you to know what endurance is and how your body builds it. The main requirements for endurance in sports is the ability to sustain a fast pace over a long period of time without feeling fatigued – it allows you to work out at a certain intensity for an extended length of time.

Try out these tips below to help you bump up your endurance that little bit more. With the right training and nutritional guidance, you’ll be able to keep going stronger for longer.

  • Eat well. When it comes to any type of exercise, carbohydrates are key. Your body uses glycogen for fuel, which is a substance found in bodily tissues and which acts as a store for carbohydrates. Once the glycogen has run out, the body will begin to seek out energy from another source and begin to burn fat. You should consume around 30-60g carbohydrates an hour while doing extended cardio sessions (this may vary depending on your weight). Studies have found that the right combination of carbohydrates and protein can enhance your endurance and reduce any muscle damage.
  • Top up with supplements. Sometimes it’s not possible to get all the energy you need from diet alone, especially if you’re engaged in an intense workout. You can top up your intake with the smart use of supplements and boost your body’s endurance in the process. From protein powders in supermarkets through to creatine from specialists such as Fysiqal Nutrition, there are lots of products that could help you push on to the next level.
  • To keep going harder and longer you need to keep your muscles fresh. Expert John Mandrola, from, says: “Go hard on hard days; go easy on easy days; and never string hard days together without adequate rest”. If you’re feeling fresh and rested it will help you go the distance. It’s something marathon runners understand, with training plans typically building in rest every other day.
  • Work on your weak parts. People often stick to what they know, but to help build your endurance you’ll need to mix it up a little bit. Getting to your personal best means working on those bits that are most challenging. It might be hard going at first – but overcome your weaknesses and you’ll unlock greater performance levels.
  • Train smartly. Check out the gradual adaption principle and learn how increasing your mileage and speed is a great way to build endurance. Run on soft surfaces, get enough sleep and drinks lots of water to avoid any injuries. Review your regime and see which bits you could fine tune.
  • Add strength. Variation is important in endurance training. Strengthening bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles will help improve your overall fitness. Mix up aerobic exercises with dumbbells and kettlebells to help improve your stamina. Strength and stamina go hand in hand.

With a good diet, lots of rest, a decent training regime and a focus on strength work, you’ll be able to work towards having a body that can go further and faster than ever before during your workout regime.



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